The Brothers Cup


'The Brothers Cup' is our first and self-titled album. Recorded and produced from early 2020 over the course of one year, it is our first substantial venture into the world of songwriting and recording as a band. Recordings took place at Studio20, the home studio we are fortunate to call our own.



The Three Funketeers
arrangement: M, lyrics: M+J

Red Rocks
arrangement: M, lyrics: M+J

Daze of Eternity
arrangement: M, lyrics: M+J

Offbeat Interlude
arrangement: J

Je Suis Une Sportive
arrangement: J, lyrics: J

Space Time Cosmonaut
arrangement: M, lyrics: M+J
Feat. King Louie & Dr. Hoffi

Production & Mix: M+J


The Brothers Cup are an alternative funk rock band based in Ludwigshafen/Rhein Germany.

While we have played together in various constellations on and off for more than a decade, the bonds between us have always stretched far beyond the sounds of our instruments.

Markus Kammann
(Bass & Vocals)
Julius Nick
(Guitar & Vocals)
Christopher Schulze

"With 10 strings 2 sticks and 3 funky minds // We are weaving the fabric of the funky kind // No questions asked, until we're done // It's one for all and all for one."

We are a band of brothers.
We are The Brothers Cup.


You know where to find us.

But if not, feel free to drop us a message if you want to get in touch:


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